Your clients have one opportunity to make a first impression on prospective buyers- and hiring a home staging professional could be the best investment your seller can make.


Professional Home Staging of Wexford is a resource for realtors across the area.  The following services provide realtors with an additional resource for attaining clients and positioning their homes for a quick and profitable sale:


Professional Home Staging of Wexford offers three opportunities in addition to "Hands On" Staging services:


Staging Consultation:

  • Develop a plan for a quick interior and exterior transformation within your seller's budget.


Photo Staging:

  • Target specific areas prior to photographing the home for listing.


Open-house staging:

  • Declutter, organize, and showcase the home prior to an open house.


Hiring a professional home stager is the best investment you and your seller can make!




Although realtors can offer suggestions to clients on how to ready their home for listing, many agents may be hesitant to highlight the negatives about a home to the seller.  A staging professional can provide the seller with an honest, thoughtful and candid opinion of the home while offering comments and suggestions that can improve the property and increase the selling price.