“My realtor referred me to Marian Popelka for help staging my house. Definitely the best investment I've made while preparing my house for sale! Marian is so positive and helpful, she had so many great ideas and suggestions and saw the real potential in my house. In addition to the suggestions she provided, she welcomed pictures of the changes I had made and provided additional feedback along the way. I also recommend utilizing her for last minute preparation for the pictures. She went room by room with the photographer and made sure each picture would look fantastic by moving some stuff around and removing anything that would distract from the picture. Even I am amazed by the transformation in my home and I know it wouldn't have looked half as nice without Marian's help. I highly recommend Marian to anyone looking to prepare their house for sale or even just wanting ideas to help their house to look its best.”


C.M., Bellevue PA



"I have used Marian’s staging services on numerous listings. In fact, I have had so much success selling staged homes quickly, that I have incorporated her staging as one of the services I provide to my clients when we put their home on the market. Marian is efficient, professional and kind. Her consultation reports are clear and concise, which helps my clients understand exactly what is being suggested and how to go about making the changes. It is always up to the client how much or little they put into the staging . However, the folks that follow Marian’s suggestions, are not disappointed with the results. I would recommend Marian to anyone looking to make changes to their existing home and especially to someone looking to sell a property. "


Susie Holmes, Northwood Realty


​"Marian staged our home for sale in July 2010.  At the time, we were not optimistic about the sales market in Pittsburgh and we were concerned about how long homes were staying on the market.  As we were relocating out of state, we were anxious to have our house sell quickly.  Marian quickly assessed the condition of our house and made suggestions about how we could stage each room to show its best.  She helped to rearrange furniture and made use of items in our home to stage each room.  Marian also helped us to delcutter our house (which is not always easy with three young children!), but her suggestions were practical and easy and made a great impact.
Our home had THREE offers within the first 24 hours on the market and was sold in one day. The realtors we were working with, both locally and with our corporate relocation team, said they hadn't seen a house sell that quickly with multiple competing offers in a long time.  I can highly recommend Marian Popelka's talent and professional ability and think that her staging is what led to a quick and easy sale for our home."

S. Freiburger, Hopewell Junction, New York



"Marian Popelka staged my home and made it so welcoming that someone bought it in less than a week!"


S.Fitzgerald, McCandless, PA